Hi, I am Diane Shawe, I help people to. Qualify as hair Extensions Consultants and set up their own Franchise Hair Extensions and hairloss franchise

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Diane Shawe is a Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Consultant, Philanthropist, Producer, Entrepreneur and Author with 16 published titles on Amazon.   With more than 30 years of experience. She has personally trained over 3700 people around the world in a variety of fields and has published a number of works. Need a Hair Makeover #HairExtensions named Finalist in the Beauty Industry Awards Diane Shawe and recently named finalist in 3 categories in the Salon Awards. She was also one of the producers of a Day time Ladies Talk Show in 2015 and Host of one of the UK’s best loved Annual Hair Extensions Awards. As well as taking an active role across all areas of her businesses she is also committed to a number of prestigious and influential Committees and Memberships. Diane began her self employment in 2003 establishing a dedicated hair extensions salon which grew into the number one AVPT which has trained over 3700 students from around the world. With over 300 Soft Skills courses registered and owned by Diane Shawe her passion for helping people upskill themselves was relentless.

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Diane has also supported over 150 small Entrepreneurs in 141 different countries around the world with small business loans totalling over $8000. In 2016 Diane launched her dream Hair Extensions and Hair loss Specialist Franchise Salon which has just been accredited by the Good Salon Guide.